The best part of my job
is seeing you succeed.

Hi, I’m Sophie.

Master of the unruly inbox, wrangler of small business chaos and tech enthusiast.

Wait, did she just say master? Yes, I did but stay with me here. As a Mum to two little girls, fur-baby Dudley (the Dachshund) and a small business owner myself, organisation, systems, processes and all of those “boring” and time-consuming administrative tasks that go into runninga business are MY. JAM! This is the stuff that fuels me……that and coffee.

I have over 17 years of experience as a Personal Assistant in various roles, as well as a Degree in Public Relations and Information Technology. My passion is to work with entrepreneurs, reducing the load of daily administrative tasks, streamlining systems and processes and creating an organised and harmonious business environment, enabling themto grow their business and get back to doing what they love.

Working with Sophie has been an absolute breeze. Her knowledge and experience of systems, processes and workflows is excellent along with her ability to quickly understand the intricacies of my business was flawless. Sophie quickly adapted to my style of communication and always responds promptly. Her commitment to ironing out the kinks is exactly what I needed. She went above and beyond to do this. I highly recommend Sophie.

Sally Watson

Career Coach, Sally Watson

People often ask me

What is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed administrative professional who works remotely from a home-based office offering support to businesses and is basically your one-stop online miracle worker!

Why Use a VA?

A VA can give you back your day so you can concentrate on your business, getting back to your why and enabling you to scale your business.

When to Hire a VA

  • If you are feeling overwhelmed and overworked.
  • Wondering how to fit more hours in your day.
  • The working week is creeping into your evenings and weekends.
  • You’re spending more time on admin than on client work.
  • You’ve lost the excitement of running your business.
  • You have started to miss appointments / deadlines.
  • You are doing tasks that you know someone could do better.

Benefits of Hiring a VA

→ Affordable.
→ No recruitment costs.
→ Less tax and overheads.
→ Work / Life balance.
→ No training costs.

→ Better focus.
→ Free up your time.
→ Reduce your workload.
→ Enables you to grow your business.
→ Because we are awesome.

Did you know?

 33% of entrepreneurs agree email is the biggest time strain on their business.